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“What will happen when I die?” Chloe asked.
It was one of the café’s snail-paced days when only Amato visited. Desidero, apparently, was taking care of ‘business’ once again.
“It depends on where you die, I suppose. If you die in Italy...”
“Let’s say I do.”
After all, Chloe had no plans to venture abroad in the immediate future.
“Well, Desidero would collect your soul. Depending on the circumstances, he might have to clean up the site of your death,” Amato paused, sharing a startled look with Chloe. “But that’s pretty unlikely.”
Amato stired his latte absentmindedly.
“Then, I suppose it’s your choice. You can be reincarnated, if you want, or used up – but I doubt you want that,” Amato amended, seeing the vehement shake of Chloe’s head.
“Okay. Thanks,” Chloe murmured somberly, wiping down a table.
“There is a third option,&
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27: Aiuto
Amato often visited 'The Murder Scene', though never for longer than a couple of hours, and never at any set time or day. They never said a word about Desidero on these visits, and Chloe soon learnt a lot about Amato.
He was a half-decent artist, working in watercolor and sketches, but his true passion was music. He had written several songs, all but one of which had gone nowhere, and that remaining one had been sold to a German artist. Amato never revealed which one, though.
Amato, apparently, was of Nordic ancestry, had no family worth speaking about and had lived in Italy for most of his life.
He always had a latte with a shot of vanilla syrup in place of sugar, and sometimes treated himself to a slice of lemon cake. And he always called Chloe 'Chlo'.
Then, he began to bring Desidero along. At first, Chloe  felt uncomfortable with the other's presence; how else do you react to someone so closely linked to death?
Over time, though, Chloe felt herself getting d
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Last Journal: 31st December 2011
Last Deviation: 16th March 2012
Last Demon!verse update: 2nd January 2012


Real life has eaten me a bit. One of my Summer 'to do' things was get back into regular updates, which considering uni ended about three weeks ago didn't go brilliantly, did it? So, appologies for the (half year) delay; I'd like to say it's been worth it and I've been ultra productive in uni, but I'm not really in a habit of lying.

I have worked on a lot of video projects that I'm honestly not proud enough to show off on here or vimeo for quality reasons (although here's a light hearted thing I shot in my first year of college - three years ago - and edited/sound edited a couple of months ago: ) and I might have some more serious/quality pieces up by the end of Summer (October. 2012. Hopefully).

So, here's the plan. I'll get some of the photos lurking around on up, polish up some of the drafts and dribbles of writing I have lurking around, and work hard on earning forgiveness, m'kay?


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Amelia Springett
Artist | Student | Literature
United Kingdom
I think of myself as rather an honest person. That is not to say I do not lie. I will happily misdirect the truth, or agree with a complete fabrication of the truth for honest and dishonest reasons.

I will often smuggle large portions of heartfelt truth by introducing one obvious lie into their midst. The receiver recognises the lie, and thus believes that all of what I have told them is false. I find it useful when you cannot bear to keep the truth to yourself, nor can you bear the consequences of anyone finding out.

Another technique, and a useful one at that, it to tell the absolute and utter truth, with a completely straight face, and then laugh as the receiver begins to believe it. They will assume that the truths are false, and that you have been playing them for a fool. Perhaps ironically, in this situation, they only become the fool when they disbelieve your words.

Lie, you may have realised, can be far too harsh a word for what I usually practise. Yet falsehood sounds altogether far too pretentious. Misdirection is merely a street performer’s code word for their art.

Like many people, I exploit human nature for my own gain, to weave a cocoon of truths around me that no one can see through. However, I have found a way to give my metaphorical cocoon physical existence. Writing.

In all my fictitious works, I place a vein of truth; in every truth, an element of fantasy. As you read, you will slowly find yourself encapsulated by my lies and you might be lucky enough to glimpse a fragment of the real me.


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